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Tiny Slots is a great new site which has been designed specifically for the mobile. Most designs are built for the more spacious specifications of the desktop or laptop display and then scaled down to fit the more compact screen. And you can normally tell, with lots of inconvenient scrolling and magnifying necessary before you can actually find what you want and sometimes even during games. But this isn’t the case with Tiny Slots. You can still play on your full size computer of course, but this site has recognised the growing trend in web surfing. Soon access to the internet will be predominantly via mobile. Already it is almost 50 / 50, and certainly by 2017, mobile is expected to overtake “traditional” PC access as a means of accessing the web.

So you can think of Tiny Slots as being a forerunner of the things to come. And it is very good. The screen size may be small, but the choice of games is anything but. There are over 100 different titles to choose from, with lots of casino style games and dozens of the top slots are provided. These include many of the top contemporary designs, such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jack and the Beanstalk, together with many of the major TV and movie franchises, such as Aliens, Dracula and South Park. You even get the opportunity to trial all the games provided for free, so you don’t have to waste even a penny learning the ropes.

There are loads of great promotions on this site, mostly focused on different kinds of bonus offers on different games and at different specific times of the day or week. There is also a VIP Scheme, offering lots of lucrative goodies, such as ash back offers and free spins. Membership is by invitation only, but I guess it doesn’t do any harm to ask!

And once you have made up your mind which of these great games to play, making a deposit just could not be simpler. You can even pay by text. Just a few taps on your keypad means that your payments will be billed via your mobile service provider’s usual monthly statement. There is a maximum payment of £30 per day when using this method. Of course, all the more conventional methods of payment are still provided. This means that you can still choose to pay by Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, or by one of several e-payment methods. The minimum deposit amount is just a fiver, but you will need to pay in at least £10 in order to be eligible for any of the many on-site bonuses.

Tiny Slots is a great site and the taste of things to come. Soon, more sites will be designed this way: fashioned for the smaller device from the start, and not just specially customised as an afterthought. For now, this is the way forward.

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