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Play Mobile Bingo and Pay by SMS / Text Message

Playing bingo using your mobile or smartphone is on the rise. Naturally, with this increase so too are there new ways in which you can fund your mobile bingo account. One of the ways which is still fairly new, but on the rise is to fund your account by SMS or text message. It is a simple and straight forward process that a number of specialist operators are looking to take advantage of. This is still an emerging market so the choice of mobile bingo operators is a little limited at present, but this does not mean you should ignore this payment method if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to deposit funds.

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How Does Pay by SMS / Text Bingo Work?

When you to choose to fund your mobile bingo account by sms / text message then the bingo operator will add however much you chose to deposit to your monthly phone bill. This means that whatever you chose to deposit will need to be paid to your mobile phone supplier once you get the bill in for that months use. When you pay by sms / text message you can also use your mobile phone if you’re using pay-as-you-go. But remember, you will need enough funds on your phone to be able to cover the amount you are intending to deposit.

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Bingo Account Using SMS / Text Message?

The actual process of making a deposit via sms / text message could not be easier. Firstly, you’ll need to register with a mobile bingo provider that will allow you to deposit by sms / text message. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to head over to your account and click on deposit or cashier. Once you do this you’ll have a list of different payment methods available to you. From this list click on ‘pay by text’ or ‘mobile phone bill’ the exact wording will vary depending on which mobile bingo site you’re using. After this you’ll need to select your network and then you’ll be sent a text message to confirm your mobile number. Once this has done, you select how much you wish to deposit and then your account is funded. It is a very simple process and no card details are needed at any stage. a screenshot showing mobile bingo deposit methods including pay by sms or text messagea screen shot showing how to verify mobile number to deposit to bingo account using sms / text message a screen shot showing how to select network when depositing to mobile bingo site using sms / text message

Advantages of Playing Mobile Bingo by Using SMS / Text Message Payments

There are obvious advantages when it comes to paying by sms / text message to top up your mobile bingo account. The most obvious of these is the convenience. You do not need to pull out your debit or credit card, or worry about filling these details in each time you wish to make a payment. Neither will you need to know your PayPal account number or any other details which will need to be typed into your phone. You just choose to pay by your phone and how much you wish to deposit and that is it. It is incredibly convenient and also very easy. One area we like, which we feels help promote responsible gambling is that you are usually restricted to a relatively small amount each day. The majority of mobile bingo operators who will allow you to deposit by sms / text message will have a daily limit of £30. This means that you are restricted to how much you can spend to fund playing bingo.

Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Bingo by Using SMS / Text Message Payments

There are also a number of disadvantages to making a deposit to your mobile bingo account using sms / text message. The first is the lack of choice. There really are not that many bingo operators who offer you the choice to pay by sms / text message. This means if you do not like a particular mobile bingo site then your chance of finding another mobile bingo site using this deposit method is greatly reduced. Another disadvantage is just how easy to make a deposit. Some of you may ask why this is a disadvantage? If you are a player who struggles to control the amount you gamble, then this method makes it so easy to make a deposit that you may be tempted to make a deposit every day. Naturally, you can’t set spending limits as they are set for you, but if you made a deposit each day the costs will soon add up. Naturally, you could end up with a nasty surprise when you get your mobile phone bill at the end of the month! We ask that you therefore play responsibly, and if you feel you have a problem look to use alternative payment methods where you can set smaller daily limits.